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Rob Currie, Ph.D.

Judson University


1151 N. State Street
Elgin, IL 60123

Phone:  (847) 628-1122



     " Hi Dr. Currie - it was a pleasure to have you on Our Town!

     I was telling my cohost Mike that I learned so         much              in              the short time that you talked with us and we really enjoyed the stories that you shared about past experiences working with preschoolers. I think the book would definitely benefit a few friends who are dealing with preschoolers. Thanks for being a breezy and informative guest."  

Julia Shu 92.5 FM Chicago's Progressive Talk





Dr. Rob Currie is an experienced radio and television guest. He knows how to grab and hold an audience's interest by offering short poignant stories and real-life practical tips for relating to young children.


He has taught child psychology for twenty three years. In addition, he has worked at preschools in Detroit, St. Louis, and Chicago.


Dr. Currie understands that the first priority in an interview is to deliver an engaging interview and NOT to hype the book.