Quick Tips

Money Saving Tip

    Be sure you know the sales tax rates in your town or county and in surrounding areas. Why? A $100 purchase of groceries, clothing, or household goods can be cheaper in one county or across a state line. We saved $3.60 by buying a GPS at the Best Buy that's south of us rather than at the Best Buy that's north of us. Same GPS, different tax rates.  $3.60 may not seem like much, but if you saved $3.60 every day for a year, you'd pocket $1314.


Fussy Eater?

     Is your child a fussy eater? When your preschooler's friend is having lunch with you and your child, serve a fruit or vegetable that the friend likes but your child doesn't. Pass the plate to the friend first and then to your child.

     My son didn't like baked potatoes, but when his friend Danny eagerly took one, my son took one, ate it, and liked them for a long time after that.


Bored Kid?

     If your kids are bored, divide their toys into two groups. Put half of the toys away for 4-6 weeks. Then put the current toys away and bring the others out of the box. Your kids will play more with the "new" toys because they will seem new and interesting. But if you have all the toys available all the time, your child will get bored with all the toys.